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An investment management platform organizing structured capital investments for inclusive growth. WePelicans exists as a FinTech activity hub enabling entirety of digital assets & financial resources to propel globally inclusive economic growth full of abundance and prosperity for everyone.

WePelicans light a beacon of hope. Pragmatic wisdom to ensure Sustainability, Security and Survival for the future conscious business ecosystem. The all inclusive business ecosystem involves stakeholders from all walks of life. WePelicans implement our core initiatives with the governments, corporates and people for alpha numeric assets, cognitive reasoning interface, sixth sense robotics, encrypted digital liquidity, cloud capital and cryptogenic financial & monetary dynamics.

WePelicans extend our dedicated expertise for exquisitely profiled consulting and advisory covering strategy, risk pre-cognition,  perception maneuverability, competencies management, reliability of human assets and performance optimization.

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The Governing Spirit

raising capital worldwide through encrypted digital assets

WePelicans Expertise

exquisitely profiled consulting covering strategy, risk pre-cognition, perception maneuverability, competencies management, reliability of human assets and performance optimization

WePelicans FinTech initiatives are supported by Murad Investment Bank Limited


MuradBank patronizes Pelicans Lounge to encourage trade and investment promotion. Our precision harvest strategy proves eloquent to yield higher outcomes.

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Digital Assets FinTech Platform leveraging structured capital investments with special emphasis on commercial projects designed for maximized growth, proliferation & Exposure. Murad Bank advises on the aspects related to conceptualization, development & management of high yield digital assets investment programs.

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Murad Bank advises on exclusively promoted mandates for strategic acquisitions. Murad Bank enjoys highly recognized expertise and vast experience in strategy development, risk pre-cognition, business agility, corporate value intelligence, behavioral economics and resilience. We advise our clients on critical matters pertaining to the acquisition of assets, sustainability and exit strategies.

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Murad Bank provides commercial advisory services to raise capital for the commercially viable projects especially where capital preservation is afforded through tangible appreciable assets. Murad Bank has envisaged project financing control procedures to provide set of guidelines for the projects to help raise capital by virtue of Pelicans Lounge initiatives. Murad Bank encourages direct investors access through Pelicans Lounge activities.

Private Banking 2018-07-03T00:23:49+00:00

Private banking with Murad Bank is such a delightful premium banking experience for the private individuals. Investor relations at Murad Bank are simple, candid and inimitable. We evolve highly pragmatic approach to carefully understand banking needs of our clients. The investment management is then strategized for epitome eloquence.

Commercialization 2018-07-03T00:23:55+00:00

Murad Bank strives to harness youth potential for economic development by supporting commercialization of emerging technologies and futuristic business enterprises. Young graduates submit their innovative projects to win direct funding, expertise and professional support required for commercialization of commercially viable business ideas.

Trade Development 2018-07-03T00:24:00+00:00

Murad Bank facilitates transnational trading and direct business development worldwide. Pelicans Lounge activities provide excellent platform to develop celestial business linkages essentially required for rapidly progressing corporates. Murad Bank facilitates with inception, supply chain, direct sales solutions, distribution channels, franchise modeling and B2B collaborations.

Business Portability 2018-07-03T00:24:09+00:00

Murad Bank enables business portability for our clients by virtue of our worldwide business network. It is a unique opportunity for corporate entities to expand their physical presence and business operations globally with utmost professional integrity in collaboration with our associates located worldwide.

Multilateral Direct Investments 2018-07-03T00:24:26+00:00

Murad Bank provides direct investors access through focused investment roundtable sessions, investment meetings and one-on-one investors presentations. The idea is to provide gateway to the entities and projects venturing into development, expansion, vertical growth, restructuring, turnarounds and even fresh startups.



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